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Table 2 General interpretations of PCA and FA loadings.

From: Heritable patterns of tooth decay in the permanent dentition: principal components and factor analyses


General interpretation of loadings




all maxillary teeth and mandibular premolars and molars


molars vs. non-molars


premolars vs. non-premolars


mandibular teeth vs. maxillary teeth


2nd molars vs. mandibular 1st molars


mandibular premolars and 2nd molars vs. mandibular 1st molar and maxillary molars and 2nd premolar


maxillary premolars and mandibular molars vs. maxillary molars and mandibular premolars


complex contributions


complex contributions


right vs. left mandibular molars




posterior teeth: premolars and molars


maxillary anterior teeth: incisors and canines


mandibular canines and premolars


maxillary premolars


mandibular incisors and canines


non-occlusal premolar and molar surfaces, maxillary lateral incisors, and maxillary canines


tooth 20 (left mandibular 2nd premolar)


tooth 29 (right mandibular 2nd premolar)


maxillary 2nd molars


tooth 13 (left maxillary 2nd premolar)

  1. See Additional file 1 for full details