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Table 1 Quality criteria for the x-rays (DPR) in the study

From: Comparison of clinical and dental panoramic findings: a practice-based crossover study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• DPR at the time of the study not older than 12 months • Metallic foreign bodies in the head region, e.g. earrings or piercings
• Standardized setting of the x-ray equipment: chin support, bite bar, voltage (70 kV) and current (9 mA) • Asymmetrical positioning of the patient
• False positioning of the patient’s head
• Improper presentation of the jaws and the teeth
• Comparable/good image quality: (no film overexposure and no soiling of the film) • recognizable movement of the patient while the picture was being taken
• Presentation of jaws and teeth distortion-free as much as possible • overlaying effects