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Table 4 Evidence base for management of dentin hypersensitivity

From: The evidence base for professional and self-care prevention - caries, erosion and sensitivity

Strategy Example of agents Quality of evidencea Reference No.
Impede neural transmission Potassium nitrate OOO [46]
Blocking tubules Oxalate, arginine OOO [47, 48]
Blocking tubules Fluoride-, calcium-, strontium-salts, SnF OOO [3]
Professional care    
Blocking tubules Fluoride varnish, gel OOO [46]
Dentin sealers Resin, adhesives OOO [49]
Lasers GaLAS, Nd:YAG, ErYAG/Co2 OOO [50, 51]
Surgical Root coverage OOO [52]
  1. aaccording to the GRADE-scale, see Table1.