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Table 2 Age of siblings from 6 families with at least one high responder parent

From: Elevated antibody to D-alanyl lipoteichoic acid indicates caries experience associated with fluoride and gingival health

  High responders Low responders
Familya Ages Ages
F+M- 17 16,14.13,12,10,8
F+M+ 20,13 21,18,16,8,5
F+M+ 22,20,18 25,16,14
F?M+ None 12,11,10,9,8
F+M- 22,20,13,11 17
F+M' 17,16,13 20,18,10,7
bMean age (s.d)c 17.08(3.68) 13.25(5.00)
  1. aF, Father; M, Mother; +, high responder; -, low responder, ? Not known. bMean age of the high and low responders cs.d., standard deviation.