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Table 3 Fraction of high antibody responders in or not in the clinical study.

From: Elevated antibody to D-alanyl lipoteichoic acid indicates caries experience associated with fluoride and gingival health

Subject group Number % high responders
Dental students in clinical studya 87 37.9
Patients in clinical studya 64 32.8
Same-age subjects not in clinical study 129 31.8
Other subjects not in clinical studyc 117 39.7
All subjects 397 33.8
  1. aSee first section of Materials & Methods. bSame-age subjects not in the clinical study were 12.4% dental students, 17.1% patients and 70.5% volunteers. cOther subjects were a mixture of patients and volunteers: 70.9% older (ages >38 and <72 years), 15.4% younger (ages >15 and <22 years), and the remainder age unknown.