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Table 4 Changes in the equality of the partial β coefficients for association of tested variables withcaries severity in high and/or low respondersa.

From: Elevated antibody to D-alanyl lipoteichoic acid indicates caries experience associated with fluoride and gingival health

Variablea High responders bn = 35 Low responders n = 67 Difference (Hi – Low)
F score c-0.847 0.006 d-0.853
PL d0.259 d0.234 0.025
BOP c0.447 0.167 0.280
PD -1.903 c4.249 c-6.152
Age 0.099 d0.261 -0.162
  1. aVariable names are defined under "Clinical Measurements" in the Methods bn = number of subjects cp <0.05 for value of constant or variable (β) or for all values in indicated model. d p > 0.05 & < 0.15. If no subscript, p > 0.15 eHLS: high response = 1, low response = 0.