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Table 3 Logistic regression in terms of odds ratios, OR and 95% Confidence Interval, CI, for young adults' comparative risk judgements for gum disease (1 = below the risk of others, 0 = the same risk as others and above) according to gender, social position and various aspects of personal risk experience

From: Comparative risk judgements for oral health hazards among Norwegian adults: a cross sectional study

  Comparative risk judgements for gum disease
  OR 95% CI
Female versus male 1.1 0.7–1.6
Social position   
Manual versus student 0.7 0.4–1.0
Non-manual versus student 0.8 0.4–1.0
Health enhancing behaviour   
High versus low engagement 1.8 1.2–2.6
Health detrimental behaviour   
Low versus high engagement 1.5 1.1–2.2
Perceived health status   
Good versus bad 1.9 1.2–3.0
Perceived oral health status   
Satisfied versus dissatisfied 2.9 1.7–4.4