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Table 4 Adjusted differences in dental service rates between intervention and control dental offices

From: Randomized pilot study to disseminate caries-control services in dentist offices

Dental Service Adjusted Difference in Rates (Intervention – Control) 95% confidence interval p -value*
Number of fluoride applications per child 0.19 (-.30, 0.79) 0.46
Number of sealants applied per child 0.10 (-.29, .41) 0.50
Number of restorations performed per child -0.46 (-.88, .00) 0.05
  1. * Control variables include time in study with dental capitation coverage, child characteristics (age, gender, current orthodontia, sum of dft and DFT, dentist-evaluated risk, number of sealed teeth at study entry, fluoride supplement use in restoration model), size of the office's capitation plan (number of children and number of total patients in capitation plan), and the number of hygienists employed by the office.