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Table 11 Number of teeth with 'Major' failure or no 'Major' failure and location of initial caries lesion. Minimum patient follow-up 23 months; range of restoration failures 0–36 months.

From: The Hall Technique; a randomized controlled clinical trial of a novel method of managing carious primary molars in general dental practice: acceptability of the technique and outcomes at 23 months

Location of initial caries lesion Control restoration no 'Major' failure Control restoration 'Major' failure Hall PMC no 'Major' failure Hall PMC 'Major' failure
Caries lesion on occlusal surface 31 5 37 1
Caries lesion on aproximal surface 58 12 68 2
Location unknown 16 2 16 0
Subtotal 105 19 121 3
Total 124 124