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Table 13 Categories of 'Minor' failures for Control restorations and Hall PMCs. Minimum patient follow-up 23 months; range of restoration failures 0–36 months.

From: The Hall Technique; a randomized controlled clinical trial of a novel method of managing carious primary molars in general dental practice: acceptability of the technique and outcomes at 23 months

  Control restoration Hall PMC
  Criteria Number of teeth Criteria Number of teeth
Clinical and radiographic 'Minor' failure Filling lost; tooth restorable 26 PMC lost; tooth restorable 1
  Secondary caries or new caries 23 Secondary caries or new caries 1*
  Filling worn 5 Hall PMC worn through 1
    Impacted first permanent molar 1
Radiographic 'Minor' failure alone caries progression visible on radiographs 3 caries progression visible on radiographs 2**
Total   57   6
  1. *crown not fitted, secondary caries around restoration (followed up under Intention to treat)
  2. ** both crowns recorded as being radiographically poor fit