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Table 13 Assessment of the quality of the articles about randomized controlled trials (RCTs) according to the quality score proposed by Jadad et al [15]

From: The NTI-tss device for the therapy of bruxism, temporomandibular disorders, and headache – Where do we stand? A qualitative systematic review of the literature

Study Study described as randomized? Method described and appropriate? Study described as blind? Method described and appropriate? Description of withdrawals/dropouts? Jadad score
Baad-Hansen et al [22] Yes Not described Yes Yes No withdrawals or dropouts 4
Kavaklı [21] Yes Not described No --- No withdrawals or dropouts 2
Jokstad et al [10, 20] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5
Magnusson et al [9] Yes Yes No --- Yes 3
Shankland [16, 18] Yes Not described No --- No 1