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Table 1 National and International Contextual Factors and their influences on development of OHP

From: Development of oral health policy in Nigeria: an analysis of the role of context, actors and policy process

Contextual factors Influence on development of OHP in Nigeria
Enabling Constraining
National The National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) in progress. Lack of funding and government support especially for research activities.
Dedicated oral health research institute; Inter-country Centre for Oral health (ICOH)—a key source of generating and disseminating research evidence. Bureaucracy in the country which causes delay in approval and implementation of OHP.
Poor dissemination of research evidence from the ICOH to local levels which also leads to poor utilization
High level of interest and commitment of key stakeholders and a desire to align with international standards
International International movement towards oral health policies and evidence-based practices. Inadequate financial support of the country towards evidence generation
Support of WHO and the World Bank with funding and dissemination of relevant policy documents.