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Table 1 Summary of the MI intervention / study protocol

From: The effect of motivational interviewing on oral healthcare knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of parents and caregivers of preschool children: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled study

Mode of contact, venue & time-line Objective
First contact Test-group - MI group-talk Given at preschools by MI counsellor / educator (RN) and Dental Nurse For Test-group - Establish rapport and discuss oral health goals. Introduce dental health menu items. Use of MI to support change to participant’s oral heath behaviour (OARS approach). Given written dental health information.
Control-group - DHE group-talk Given at preschools by Dental Nurse. For Control-group–delivery of verbal and written dental health information.
Oral health questionnaire given to all participants in Test and Control-group. Collection of baseline data on oral health knowledge, attitudes and behaviour & Readiness Assessment of Parents Concerning Infant Dental Decay (RAPIDD)
1st MI follow-up with Test-group 2 weeks after MI group-talk. (telephone contact by Dental Nurse) As part of MI, provide support and encouragement for participants. Re-establish oral health goals and commitment to items selected from oral health menu options. Help to solve problems encountered.
2nd MI follow-up to Test-group 1 month after MI group-talk (telephone contact by Dental Nurse)
End of MI intervention
As part of MI, promote maintenance of any positive changes made to oral health behaviour. If needed offer further advice and help with problems encountered.
Oral health questionnaires to all participants in Test and Control-group (4 months after MI group-talk) Collection of questionnaire data:
Oral health knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.
Focus group with a sub-sample of participants in Test-group at preschool.
(7 months after MI group-talk)
Collection of qualitative data on participant experience of the MI intervention.