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Table 3  Modified RAPIDD constructs

From: The effect of motivational interviewing on oral healthcare knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of parents and caregivers of preschool children: an exploratory cluster randomised controlled study

Construct Construct items
Openness to health information • I would take my child off the bottle if a healthcare professional told me to do so.
• I get advice on taking care of my baby from TV, radio, magazines and internet.
• I feel comfortable asking a healthcare professional about ways to care for my child.
• It is easier for me to get answers about ways to take care of my child from the healthcare professional
Valuing Dental Health • Keeping my child’s teeth healthy is important to me.
• My child benefits a lot when I clean his/her teeth.
• I like the idea of a dentist or dental nurse putting fluoride on my child’s teeth to protect them from cavities
• I believe using fluoride toothpaste every day would help my child’s teeth
Convenience and Change Difficulty • It would be hard to give my child less sweets.
• My child gives me a hard time when I try to brush his/her teeth.
• It is not easy to use fluoride toothpaste every day.
• I am unable to put my child to sleep without feeding him/her.
Child Permissiveness • Food and drinks that are not sweet don’t taste good to my child.
• I feel like a bad parent if I don’t give my child sweets.
• My child is happier when I give him/her something sweet in the bottle.
• I makes me feel good to give my child something sweet to eat.