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Table 1 Summary of trials of professionally applied fluorides in remineralising early enamel caries

From: Caries remineralisation and arresting effect in children by professionally applied fluoride treatment – a systematic review

  1. EECL Early enamel caries lesion, NaF Sodium fluoride, CaF 2 Calcium fluoride, CHX chlorhexidine at 1 %, SiF 4 Silicon tetrafluoride, APF acidulated phosphate fluoride, GI glass ionomer, CTT cross tooth-brushing technique
  2. * Data included for meta-analysis. (Fig. 2)
  3. ** Risk of bias legend:
  4. (A) Random sequence generation (selection bias)
  5. (B) Allocation concealment (selection bias)
  6. (C) Blinding of outcome assessment (detection bias)
  7. (D) Incomplete outcome data (attrition bias)
  8. (E) Selective reporting (reporting bias)
  9. (F) Other bias
  10. = Low risk, = High risk, = Unclear risk