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Table 1 Outcome measures and timing of measurement

From: A pilot randomised controlled trial evaluating mini and conventional implant retained dentures on the function and quality of life of patients with an edentulous mandible

  Baseline At operation 24 h 1 week 2 months 6 months
Modified Dental Anxiety Scale [64]
Quality of Life:
Oral Health Impact- Profile-EDENT [53, 65]
Euroqol-5D(EQ-5D) [44, 66]
SF-12 [67]
X     X X
Satisfaction with dentures:
The University of Newcastle ‘Assessment of Prosthesis’ questionnaire
X     X X
Masticatory function:
‘gummy jelly’ chewing test
X     X X
Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) or Verbal Rating Scale (VRS) (0–10)
  X X X   
Use of analgesics (professionally and self prescribed) and antibiotics X   X X X X
Direct costs-staffinga   X     
Direct costs-equipmenta   X     
Direct costs-consumablesa   X     
Indirect costsa   X   X   
Healthcare utilisationa   X X X X X
Assessment of adverse eventsa   X X X X X
Assessment for possible implant failure     X X X
  1. adata also to be collected at unscheduled visits