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Table 1 Desciption of Measure Working Subgroup Members

From: The basic research factors questionnaire for studying early childhood caries

Working group Chair Members Disciplines
Behavioral Intervention Paul Spicer (UCD, now at University of Oklahoma-UOk) Belinda Borrelli (now BU), Barbara Heckman (UCSF), Karen Fehringer (UCD), Margaret Walsh (UCSF), Melissa Riddle (NIDCR), Michelle Henshaw (BU), Nancy Kressin (BU), Ruth Nowjack-Raymer (NIDCR), and Tracy Finlayson (San Diego State University-SDSU). anthropology, behavioral science, dental hygiene, dentistry, educational research, epidemiology, health services research, pediatric dentistry, public health
Sociodemographic Stuart Gansky (UCSF) Clemencia Vargas (University of Maryland-UMd), Jan Beals (UCD), Jane Weintraub (UCSF, now at University of North Carolina-UNC) biostatistics, dentistry, demography, public health, social psychology
Health Service Utilization/Insurance Tracy Finlayson (SDSU) Cindy Cadoret (BU), Daniel Brooks (BU), Steve Silverstein (UCSF), Terry Batliner (UCD) dental hygiene, dentistry, epidemiology, health service research, public health, social psychology
Oral Health Knowledge and Behavior Judith Albino (UCD) Angela Brega (UCD), Clemencia Vargas (UMd), Kristin Hoeft (UCSF), and Margaret Walsh (UCSF) and Jane Weintraub (UNC). dentistry, dental hygiene, health education, medical sociology, public health, social psychology
Health Status, Health History, and Development Gloria Mejia (UCSF, now at University of South Australia) Karen Fehringer (UCD), Paul Geltman (BU), Rosalia Mendoza (UCSF, now at Kaiser Permanente) dentistry, epidemiology, pediatrics, public health
Community Level-Social Environment, Culture Paul Spicer (UCD, now at UOk) Judith Barker (UCSF), Kristin Hoeft (UCSF), Maria Rosa Watson (private consultant) anthropology, health education, pediatric dentistry, public health
Psychosocial Factors Angela Brega (UCD) Judith Albino (UCD), Nancy Kressin (BU), Steve Gregorich (UCSF), Tracy Finlayson (SDSU) biostatistics,, epidemiology medical sociology, social psychology, public health
Cost Measures Joan O’Connell (UCD) Brenda Heaton (BU), Jane Weintraub (UCSF, now at UNC), Margaret Walsh (UCSF), Ruth Nowjack-Raymer (NIDCR), Sally Stearns (UNC), and Susan Griffin (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). educational research, epidemiology, dental hygiene, general dentistry, health economics.