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Table 4 Behavioral Interventions Measures Working Group - Oral health Messages

From: The basic research factors questionnaire for studying early childhood caries

1. How Tooth Decay Happens
Cavities are caused by germs in the mouth.
2. Baby Teeth Are Important
Because they do not stay in your child’s mouth very long, baby teeth are not that important. 
3. Lift the Lip
Parents checking their child’s teeth every month for changes or spots.
4. Take Your Child to the Dentist
There’s no need to go to the dentist unless children have a problem with their teeth.
5. Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Fluoride
It is best to use toothpaste with fluoride when brushing a child’s teeth.
Getting fluoride varnish put on your child’s teeth.
6. Brush Daily
How many times a day should a child’s teeth be brushed?
7. Limit Food and Drinks with Sugar
How sure are you that you can: keep your child from eating frequent sweets (cake, candy)?
How sure are you that you can: keep your child from drinking sugary drinks like soda, pop, or Kool-Aid?
8. No Bottles or Sippy Cups in Bed
Good/Bad - Drinking milk from a sippy cup at bedtime.
10. Don’t Share Germs
Using the same spoon to taste the food and feed the child.
Sharing a toothbrush with your child.
11. Help Children Brush Up to Age Six
At what age can a child brush his/her teeth by himself/herself?