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Table 2 Demographic data, study design characteristics and type of brackets used in the publications included in the systematic review

From: Are there differences in treatment effects between labial and lingual fixed orthodontic appliances? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Study authors and design Demographic data Type of brackets
Authors Study design No. patients (La/Li) Sex (M/F) Age labial/lingual (years) Labial Lingual
Gorman and Smith 1991 [9] CCT 120 (60/60) NA NA NA Ormco Corp., Glendora, Calif.
Soldanova et al. 2012 [7] CCT 50 (25/25) 11 M/39F 18–54/19–46 Roth (Dentaurum, Ispringen, Germany) Forestadent, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Wang et al. 2014 [31] RCT 30 (15/15) 12 M/18F NA NA NA
Deguchi et al. 2015 [8] R 49 (25/24) 9 M/40F 24.2 ± 4.1/26.4 ± 4.7 NA STb lingual bracket (Ormco, Orange, Calif)
  1. RCT randomized controlled trial, CCT controlled clinical trial, R retrospective, La/Li number of patients treated with labial/lingual system, M male, F female, NA not available