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Table 3 Angles and distances measured in the studies included in the systematic review

From: Are there differences in treatment effects between labial and lingual fixed orthodontic appliances? A systematic review and meta-analysis

  Gorman and Smith [9] Soldanova et al. [7] Wang et al. [31] Deguchi et al. [8]
Angles U1-SNa/L1-MPa/U1-L1a/MP-OP/SN-MPa/SNBa/N-S-Gn Position of the incisors relative to mandibular line (ML) SNA/SNB/ANB/SND/1-NA/1-NB/IIA/OP-SN/GoGn-SN/FMA/FM1A/IMPA SNA/SNBa/ANB/SN-U1a/IIAa/MP-SNa/L1-Mp/Occl-Pl
Distances (mm) ULi-SN0/ULcr-SN LPi-MP/LIcr-MP/S-Gn/Me-Na/Ans-Me S-Go Position of the incisors relative to A – Po
Distance of incisor apex CB – C ′ Bb
1-NA/1-NB/Po-NB/SL/SE S-N/N-Mea/OJ/OB PP-U1/PP-U6/PTM-U6[PP]/MP-L1a/MP-L6/L6-B[MP]
  1. See abbreviations
  2. aAngles and/or distances included in the meta-analysis
  3. bPoints C and B were constructed. Point B was defined as the point of intersection of the connecting line between the A-Po point and ML, and point C as the intersection of the lower incisor axis and ML