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Table 4 Results from the logistic regression analyses with the dependent variable “presence of at least one carious lesion”

From: Hierarchizing caries risk factors among first-year university students in Nice (France): a cross-sectional study

Variables in the final equation Sig. Odds Ratio 95% CI
Lower Upper
Use of an electric toothbrush 0.008 0.360 0.169 0.766
Last dental consultation for a preventive reason 0.045 0.634 0.406 0.990
Presence of sealant remnants 0.045 0.223 0.052 0.969
Poor oral hygiene 0.000 2.585 1.590 4.202
Failing to seek dental care due to financial reasons 0.005 3.060 1.397 6.700
Poor self-reported oral health 0.010 2.428 1.236 4.767
  1. In the final equation, six independent variables remained and were ranked whereas fourteen were excluded: mother’s profession, father’s profession, part-time job, at least 3 main meals per day, no daily soft drink consumption, water consumption when thirsty, daily candy consumption, daily sugar free chewing gum consumption, daily smoking, drug consumption, flossing, presence of dental crowding, periodontal disease even mild, presence of restorative care