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Table 3 Simplified English leaflets questionnaire and responses

From: Adaptation of child oral health education leaflets for Arabic migrants in Australia: a qualitative study

Did you read the leaflets?
Yes n = 18 No n = 1
Did you find the simplified leaflets helped you to understand how to look after children's oral health?
Yes n =17 (94.4%)a No n =1 (5.6%)
What helped you to understand the simplified leaflets?
This is easier to understand
I like the pictures
Very simplified and attractive
Did you find the original leaflets were more difficult to understand compared to the simplified English version?
Yes n = 13 (72.2%) No n = 5 (27.8%)
Please tell us what part was difficult?
I didn"t understand fizzy drinks
The part where the leaflet talks about leaving the kids with a bottle at night
Did you find the simplified leaflets had any missing information compared to the original leaflets?
Yes n = 1 (5.6%) No n = 17 (94.4%)
What information is specifically missing?
It has dot points but is not very detailed, it may be useful only for non-fluent English speakers
Do the simplified leaflets help you to make better health choices for your child's oral health?
Yes n = 18 (100%) No n = 0 (0%)
  1. aPercents are based on the numbers of participants that read the pamphlet (n = 18)