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Table 4 Translated Arabic leaflets questionnaire and responses

From: Adaptation of child oral health education leaflets for Arabic migrants in Australia: a qualitative study

Did you read the leaflets?
Yes n = 19 No n = 0
Was it useful to receive information on child's oral health in Arabic?
Yes n = 16 (84.2%)a No n = 3 (15.8%)
If No, please explain why?
Arabic has different dialects, so the translations did not help
Did you find the Arabic leaflets helped you to understand how to look after children's teeth?
Yes n =17 (89.5%) No n = 2 (10.5%)
What helped you to understand the Arabic leaflets?
All of it
Dot points and the size of the text
Do the leaflets help you to make better health choices for your child's oral health?
Yes n= 18 (94.7%) No n = 1 (5.3%)
  1. aPercents are based on the numbers of participants that read the pamphlet (n = 19)