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Table 2 Scale design and range of postoperative complications applied in checks of patients after third molar surgery

From: Reliability and validity of measuring scale for postoperative complications in third molar surgery

Category Item Clinical picture Scores
Secondary complication Inflammation None 1
Mild (intraoral and surgical area) 3
Moderate (intraoral and extraoral) 5
Severe (intraoral, extraoral and other regions of the head) 10
Erythema None 1
Intraoral 2
Intraoral and extraoral 3
Edema None 1
Intraoral 3
Intraoral and extraoral 5
Pain How much pain does the patient feel at this moment? 0 to 10
Trismus Can the patient open his mouth without limitations? 0 to 5
Soft tissue infection Abscess Absent 1
Present 5
Suppuration Absent 1
Present when tissue is compressed 5
Present spontaneously 10
Hard tissue infection Alveolar osteitis Absent 1
Present 10