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Table 3 Postsurgical use of CBCT: indications described in guidelines and other scientific reports

From: Cone beam computed tomography in implant dentistry: recommendations for clinical use

Indications for postsurgical use of CBCT in literature Needed 3D info Drawback CBCT
Postsurgical complications (e.g. neurovascular trauma) [8, 17, 19] Evaluate location and severity of problem and how to approach Artefact by implant may mask neurovascular bundle CBCT fails to visualize neurovascular bundle
Healing follow-up of complex surgical procedures [8, 17, 19] Check bone healing and volumetric outcome Detrimental artefacts of implants in borderline case (pneumatised maxillary sinus with inadequate bone)
Maxillofacial trauma with suspected complications at the implant level [8, 17, 19, 22] Check mechanical failure implant or superstructure Diagnostic failure to spot trauma caused by metal artefacts
Retrieval of osseointegrated implants (infectious or mechanical failure etiology) [8, 17, 19]   Blooming of implant masking neurovascular structures