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Table 1 Summary of H. pylori DNA detection of extirpated inflamed pulp specimens in the subjects who received root canal treatment several times

From: Molecular and clinical analyses of Helicobacter pylori colonization in inflamed dental pulp

Subject Dental caries extending pulp space (Age) Detection Rate
1 ULA (2Y0M) ULB (2Y1M)    0/2
2 URA (3Y9M) URB (3Y9M) ULA (3Y10M)   1/3
3 ULD (3Y10M) URE (3Y11M)    0/2
4 LLC (4Y7M) LRC (5Y5M)    1/2
5 LLE (5Y1M) LLD (5Y3M)    0/2
6 URD (5Y2M) LLE (5Y3M)    0/2
7 LLD (6Y0M) LLE (7Y4M)    0/2
8 URD (6Y2M) ULD (6Y4M) URE (6Y5M) LLE (6Y5M) 2/4
+ +
9 LLD (6Y11M) LRE (7Y1M)    0/2
10 LRD (7Y4M) URD (7Y5M) LRD (7Y6M)   0/3
11 LLE (8Y1M) URD (8Y2M)    0/2
12 LRE (7Y10M) LRD (7Y10M) LLE (7Y11M) ULE (8Y0M) 2/4
+ +
13 LRD (8Y1M) URD (10Y4M)    1/2
14 UL1 (9Y1M) LL1 (10Y5M)    1/2
15 UR2 (11Y6M) LR4 (11Y6M) LR3 (11Y6M) UL2 (11Y10M) 2/7
UL5 (11Y10M) UR5 (12Y1M) UR4 (12Y1M)  
16 LL5 (14Y10M) LL7 (14Y10M)    0/2
  1. URE upper right primary second molar, URD upper right primary first molar, URB upper right primary lateral incisor, URA upper right primary central incisor, ULA upper left primary central incisor, ULB upper left primary lateral incisor, ULD upper left primary first molar, ULE upper left primary second molar, LLE lower left primary second molar, LLD lower left primary first molar, LLC lower left primary canine, LRC lower right primary canine, LRD lower right primary first molar, LRE lower right primary second molar, UR5 upper left second premolar, UR4 upper right first premolar, UR2 upper right lateral incisor, UL1 upper left central incisor, UL2 upper left lateral incisor, UL4 upper left first premolar, UL5 l upper left second premolar, LL7 lower left second molar, LL5 lower left second premolar, LL1 lower left central incisor, LR3 lower right canine