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Table 3 The correlation between CARS score and variables in the study

From: The prevalence of dental anxiety and its association with pain and other variables among adult patients with irreversible pulpitis

Variables Spearman Correlation P-value
Pain at the first dental visit 0.167 0.126
Pain at the most recent dental visit 0.269 0.013*
Pain before the present visit −0.137 0.119
Pain during the present visit 0.121 0.169
Q1 of MDAS (If you went to your Dentist for Treatment tomorrow) 0.289 0.001**
Q2 of MDAS (If you were sitting in the waiting room/waiting for treatment) 0.284 0.001**
Q3 of MDAS (If you were about to have a tooth drilled) 0.280 0.001**
Q4 of MDAS (If you were about to have your teeth scaled and polished) 0.307 0.000***
Q5 of MDAS (If you were about to have a local anaesthetic injection in your gum) 0.242 0.006**
  1. *P < 0.05
  2. **P < 0.01
  3. ***P < 0.001