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Table 1 Different factors included in each standardized Caries Risk Model

From: Are standardized caries risk assessment models effective in assessing actual caries status and future caries increment? A systematic review

  Software programs American Dental Association models
Factors NUS-CRA 11 factors Cariogram 9 factors PreViser 11 factors ADA 11 factors CAMBRA 14 factors CAT 12 factors
 Age X   X    
 Ethnicity X      
 Family socioeconomic status X    X X X
 Infant feeding history X     X  
 Diet X X X X X X
 Fluoride X X X X X X
 Dental attendance    X X X X
 Oral hygiene X X X X X X
 Past caries X X X X X X
 White spot lesions     X X X
 Enamel defects       X
 Dental appliance    X X X X
 Systemic health X X X X X X
 Medication     X X  
Salivary and microbiological
 Saliva flow rate   X X X X X
 Saliva buffering capacity   X     
 Mutans streptococci X X X   X X
 Lactobacilli X X X   X  
  1. NusCra National University of Singapore Caries Risk Assessment, CAMBRA Caries Management By Risk Assessment, ADA caries risk assessment by American Dental Association, CAT America Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Caries Assessment Tool