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Table 4 Adapted Gingival Index and Plaque Index [38] of children with Autism spectrum Disorder in KwaZulu- Natal (n = 149)

From: The Oral health status of children with autism Spectrum disorder in KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa

Gingival Status Average Gingival Index Score n (%) Plaque Index Plaque Index n (%)
Healthy Gingiva 6 (4) No plaque 14 (9,4)
Mild Gingival Inflammation 69 (46,3) A film of visible plaque after the use of a disclosing agent or probe. 65 (43,6)
Moderate Gingival Inflammation 66 (44,3) Moderate accumulation of plaque on more than one third of the tooth surface, Can be seen with the naked eye. 63 (42,3)
Severe Gingival Inflammation 8 (5,4) Accumulation of plaque on more than two thirds of the tooth surface. Presence of calculus. 7 (4,7)
Total 149 (100) Total 149 (100)