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Table 1 Elements of the Oral Health Education Sessions

From: Improving oral health in migrant and underserved populations: evaluation of an interactive, community-based oral health education program in Washington state

Section Description Objective
Presentation topics Oral Health Statistics
Oral Health conditions
Oral Health Care
Social Determinants of Health Affecting Oral Health
The relationship between oral health and chronic conditions
The role of Community Health Workers in Oral Health
What your dentist expects from a patient
Resources and tools for oral health in your community
Being an advocate for oral health
Present information in an accessible way about key topics in oral health
Figure drawing exercise Prompt for drawing: How do you feel about your own oral cavity? If your oral health is good then: What do you notice about how other members of your family feel about their oral health? Allow participants to express their feelings about their oral health and how it affects them
Gallery Exercise eliciting participant opinions about key social and other determinants of oral health Identify key barriers and facilitators of good oral health from a community perspective
Fish Tank Exercise about how to effectively clean your mouth. Participants take turns cleaning their own teeth and getting advice Provide hands-on training for good oral health practices