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Table 1 The five intraoral scanners used in this study

From: Trueness and precision of 5 intraoral scanners in the impressions of single and multiple implants: a comparative in vitro study

  Producer Technology of acquisition Powder Colour System
CS 3600® Carestream Dental, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Structured light-Active Speed 3D Video™ No Yes Proprietary files (.CSZ), but also open formats (.PLY,.STL) immediately available
Trios3® 3-Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark Structured light –Confocal microscopy and Ultrafast Optical Scanning™ No Yes Proprietary files (.DCM) available, but possibility to export .STL files via the new Trios on Dental Desktop®
Omnicam® Dentsply-Sirona, York, Pennsylvania, USA Structured light -Optical triangulation and confocal microscopy No Yes Proprietary files (.CS3,.SDT,.CDT,.IDT) are available, but possibility to export .STL files via the Cerec Connect®
DWIO® Dentalwings, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Blue laser-Multiscan Imaging™ technology No No Proprietary files (.XORDER), but also open
Formats (.STL) immediately available
Emerald® Planmeca, Helsinki, Finland Red, green and blue lasers-Projected Pattern Triangulation™ No Yes Open formats (.PLY,.STL) immediately available