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Table 6 dmft, Care index (CI) and Restorative index (RI) in CLD and CNLD (n = 25 studies; 9 studies with dmft and standard deviations reported). All learning disability groups. Studies where dmft data couldn’t be used are shown in learning disability subgroup tables, with reasons why, but are not included in calculations. All data were calculated from the primary data reported in Additional file 1: Appendix 2

From: Dental caries experience, care index and restorative index in children with learning disabilities and children without learning disabilities; a systematic review and meta-analysis

All learning disability subgroups (primary teeth; n = 9 studies with dmft data)
Study Number of participants Ages dmft/deft data
CLD CNLD CLD dmft / deft (sd) CNLD dmft / deft (sd) CLD CIa (sd) CNLD CIa (sd) CLD RIa (sd) CNLD RIa (sd)
Total for all 3 Groups 1819 2157        
Mean (sd) 72.76 (±47.31) 86.28 (±64.56)   2.34 (±1.37) 2.25 (±1.39) 0.15 (±0.14) 0.06 (0.06) 0.15 (±0.14) 0.04 (±0.01)
  1. a based on 2 studies