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Table 1 Variables to the evaluation of the quality of oral health services by users

From: User satisfaction with public oral health services in the Brazilian Unified Health System

Access to oral health services
 1 Does the team announce office hours of the unit? No; Yes
 2 Do the office hours of the dental service meet your needs? No; Yes
Receptivity of spontaneous demand
 3 When do you seek dental care without an appointment, are listened to? No; Yes, sometimes: Yes, always
Integral health care
 4 Is the dental office a reserved place (is there privacy)? No; Yes
 5 During consultations, how often are you advised by oral health professionals regarding oral health care? Always; Most of the time; Almost never; Never
 6 During consultations, does the professional make notes in your medical record or card? No; Yes, sometimes; Yes, always
Bonding, accountability, and coordination of care
 7 During consultations with oral health professionals, do you think the query time is enough? No; Yes, sometimes; Yes, always
 8 At this health unit, are you treated by the same dentist? Never; Almost never; Most of time; Always;
 9 When you stop treatment for any reason or do not appear for a dental appointment, do the professionals make contact to ask you what happened and resume the care? Never abandoned or missed; No; Yes, sometimes; Yes, always
  1. Source: External evaluation questionnaire of the second cycle of the PMAQ-AB, module III, 2013