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Table 2 Software and Hardware

From: Current state of the art in the use of augmented reality in dentistry: a systematic review of the literature

Author Year Hardware Software
Jiang W. 2018 N/A probably custom
Murugesan YP. 2018 2 stereo cameras and a translucent mirror new rotation matrix and translation vector (RMaTV) algorithm custom made by the authors
Pulijala Y. 2018 oculus rift leap motion (gaming industry)
Schreurs R. 2018 Kolibri navigation system, external laptop, 15 cilinders polyjet printer (Objet30 Prime; Stratasys Ltd., Eden Prairie, MN, USA). self made C++ using the Open Inventor toolkit n Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
Won JY. 2017 photocamera, laptop Mimics software to export STL; Rapidform Explorer, free software; Actual Transparent Window
Zhou C. 2017 robot system, ar visualization system, glasses, code,nVisor ST60, Micron Tracker system, AR Toolkits
Plessas A. 2017 N/A N/A
Llena C. 2018 computer and mobiles, scanners Aumentaty Viewer software .aty
Zhu M. 2017 semi transparent glass. Laser scanner (Konica Minolta Vivid 910) mimics - materialise; Autodesk 3ds Max (version 9)
Wang J. 2017 4 k camera and a computer self developed string codes
Liu WP 2015 da Vinci si robot ITK-Snap (for manipulating cbcta)
Suenaga H. 2015 2 charge-coupled device stereo camera (Edmund Optics Inc., Barrington, NJ, USA)
Rexcan DS2 3D scanner, cbct
Mimics® Version 16 (Materialise, Leuven, Belgium) and Geomagic Control (Geomagic, Cary, NC, USA)
AlarisTM 30 U RP technology (Objet Geometries, Rehovot, Israel); HALCON software Version 11 (MVTec Software GmbH, Munich, Germany)
Espejo-Trung LC. 2015 laptop and camera, scanner (XCadCam, Brazil) 3D-modeling program (HITLabNZ
Qu M. 2015 head-mounted display (HMD) Mimics CAD/CAM software (Materialise, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA); software AR Toolkits
Wang J. 2014 3D display, an AR window, a stereo camera for 3D measurement, and a workstation for information processing. Mirror/ar window self developed
Badiali G. 2014 “wearable augmented reality for medicine” (WARM) devicelight. Weight, stereoscopic head-mounted display (HMD) Z800 instrument of eMagin (Bellevue, WA, USA); 3D printer (Stratasys Elite; Eden Prairie, MN, USA) Augmented reality is provided by software that runs on conventional personal computers; Maya (Autodesk; Toronto, Canada)
Katić D. 2015 head-mounted display NDI Polaris tracking system and self developed
Wang J. 2014 customized stereo camera with real-time 3-D contour matching marker free. Half-silvered mirror. A marker is attached directly to the tool. Stereo cameras All of the algorithms were implemented using C++. The machine vision library HALCON was used for camera calibration and image processing
Zinser MJ 2013 interactive portable custom display navigational unit (BrainLab®, Vector Vision2) 3-dimensional planning software (I-plan CMF®, BrainLab) to manipulate cbct
Lin YK 2013 head mounted display ImplantSmart, Changhua, Taiwan
Suenaga H. 2013 tracking system Polaris Spectra optical tracking system (Northern Digital Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
mirror, cameras, tracking marker.
image pro- cessing software (Mimics; Materialise, Leuven, Belgium).
superimposed 3D images of the surgical instrument (SUCCESS-40MV; OSADA, Tokyo, Japan)
Aichert A. 2012 monocular AR system n/a
Bruellmann DD. 2013 standard intra-oral or microscope cameras connected to a standard computer. The new software was implemented using C++, Qt, and the image processing library OpenCV; UI-Toolkit
Zhu M. 2011 computer ARToolKit recognises the marker; Rapidform matches the marker with the mandible image. (Materialise, Ann Arbor, MI).
Mimics. virtual image’s position and orientation were adjusted through 3D Max (Van Nuys, CA)
Bogdan CM. 2011 Sensable’s PHANToM® OmniTM haptic feedback VirDenT, programming language, such as C++ or Java.
Suebnukarn S. 2010 PHANTOM Omni (SensAble Inc., Woburn, MA, USA).  
Wierinck ER. 2007 infrared camera, and two computers DentSimTM computerized training system (DenX, Jerusalem, Israel)
Mischkowski RA 2006 portable LCD screen with a digital camera behind X-Scope®
Wierinck ER. 2006 haptic simulators DentSimTM; DenX, Jerusalem, Israel)
Ewers R. 2005 UMTS (universal mobile telecommunication system)
Apple PowerMac G3 and G4 workstations. Optoelectronic tracking systems ProReflex Motion-Capture MCU240 (Qualisys Inc., Gothenburg, Sweden), Polaris (NDI Northern Digital Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), and FlashPoint 5000 3D Localizer (Image Guided Technologies Inc., Boulder, CO). semitransparent head-mounted displays. UMTS cell-phone handset (Siemens U10; Siemens, Erlangen, Germany)
VirtualPatient System and MedScanII software (both from MedLibre Inc., Munich, Germany) are used for intraoperative navigation.
Nijmeh AD 2005 multiple multiple
Wierinck ER. 2005 DentSimTM (DenX, Jerusalem, Israel) virtual reality (VR) system (DentSimTM)
Ewers R 2005 optoelectronic tracking systems: ProReflex™ Motion-Capture MCU240 (Qualisys Inc., Sweden), Polaris™ (NDI Northern Digital Inc., Canada), FlashPoint 5000™ 3D Localizer (Image Guided Technologies Inc., USA). Electromagnetic systems (since 1999 only used for research purposes): Polhemus Isotrac II™ (by Polhemus Inc., USA) and Aurora™ (NDI Inc., Ont., Canada), Fastrak™. various types of navigation software (Virtual Vision™, MedScanII™, Virtual Implant™, Artma Medical Technologies, Vienna)