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Table 2 Example of how the behaviour codes were applied in a dentist-child-parent interaction

From: Development of an interaction coding scheme (PaeD-TrICS) to record the triadic communication behaviours in preventive dental consultations with preschool child patients and families: a video-based observational study

Time stampSubjectBehaviour codeDuration (seconds)Transcript
00:02:51DentistDentally engaging talk2.62Good. And how many times a day do you brush your teeth?
00:02:55ChildSpeech (other)1.79Hmn….
00:02:59ParentVerbal facilitation2.12You think about the right answer
00:03:01ChildSpeech (other)1.22Hmn….
00:03:05ParentVerbal facilitation5.04When do you do it? You do it in the morning….before nursery
00:03:10ChildSpeech (yes)0.39Yeah…
00:03:11ParentVerbal facilitation2.00And then…once before…
00:03:14ChildDental talk0.89Bedtime
00:03:15ParentVerbal facilitation1.46So how many times with that?
00:03:17ChildDental talk0.36Two
00:03:17ParentVerbal facilitation0.64Yes!
00:03:18DentistPraise2.00That’s really good. Well done.
00:03:21DentistInformation giving3.57So two times is perfect. That is exactly the right amount.