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Table 5 Twenty one oral taxa present only in PI (Peri-implantitis Implant) group

From: Clinical and microbiologic investigation of an expedited peri-implantitis dog model: an animal study

ID Bacteria Name
40 Filifactor alocis_ot539_AA69
3 Bacteroides heparinolyticus_ot784_X18
4 Capnocytophaga granulosa and sp. clone BB167_ot325_326_AA89
16 Haemophilus sp. clone BJ095_ot036_AA97
11 Prevotella Cluster IV_ot658_693_714_782_AA44
27 Selenomonas artemidis_ot124_X66
28 Selenomonas sputigena and sp. clone EW051a_ot143_151_K65
46 Granulicatella adiacens and elegans_ot534_596_W81
67 Actinomyces Cluster I_ot671_688_701_708_AB35
2 Bacteroides heparinolyticus_ot630_N91
8 Prevotella intermedia_ot643_AB92
9 Prevotella intermedia_ot643_AD06
17 Pseudomonas aeruginosa and otitidis and sp. clone AZ002_ot032_536_834_AB68
25 Neisseria Cluster II_ot014_609_682_764_O45
31 Mycoplasma faucium_ot606_N40
36 Parvimonas micra_ot111_V05
38 Eubacterium [14][G-1] saburreum and Lachnospiraceae [G-1] sp. clone BE088_ot082_494_AB50
51 Streptococcus parasanguis I and II_ot411_721_AB05
55 Fusobacterium periodontium_ot201_R20
58 Leptotrichia hofstadii_ot224_AA58
69 Propionibacterium propionicum_ot739_AB72