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Table 2 Participant characteristics (N = 22)a

From: A qualitative study of the multi-level influences on oral hygiene practices for young children in an Early Head Start program

Interview languagec
Maternal aged
 Less than high school836
 Completed high school836
 Some college, but no degree418
 Associate degree15
 Bachelor degree15
Birth Countryd
 United States29
 Other Country2091
Family annual incomed
 Less than $10,000/year15
Household Sizec
Oldest child age in Early Head Startd
 0–11 months29
 12–23 months732
 24–35 months1255
 36–47 months15
  1. a 3 surveys were missing
  2. b Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding
  3. c Collected via transcriptions
  4. d Collected via telephone surveys