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Table 1 The component of oral Health Educational Program for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

From: Effectiveness of interprofessional oral health program for pediatric nurse practitioner students at Northeastern University, United States

  Components of Training Module Time
Introduction and pre Assessment of knowledge • Introduction and rationale of study • Distribute pre-test to students 15 min
Didactic Component • Power point presentation for educational intervention -Prevention and anticipatory guidance -Caries process and management -Trauma and dental emergencies • Question and answer session 1 h
Assessment of knowledge • Distribute first post-test to students 15 min
Hands- On • Consists of using manikin, typodont and videos learning about: -Fluoride application -Nutrition consultation -Caries risk assessment -Knee to knee examination 1 h
Assessment of knowledge • Distribute second post-test to students 15 min
Assessment of knowledge • Third post-test (approximately one month follow up) by email One month follow up