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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Effectiveness of preventive dental programs offered to mothers by non-dental professionals to control early childhood dental caries: a review

Database Search Terms Limits
CINAHL (MH “expectant mothers” OR “prenatal care” OR pregnant OR child+ OR MH “postnatal period+”) AND (MH “oral health” OR MH “oral health promotion” OR “oral health intervention” OR MH “preventive dentistry+” OR MH “dental care” OR “caries prevention” OR “dental referral”) English
Ovid Medline (pregnancy OR pregnant women OR prenatal care) AND (oral health/ed. (education) OR “oral health promotion” OR preventative pregnancy OR dental caries OR “early intervention”m.p. or “early intervention (education)”) English
Pubmed ((“pregnancy”[MeSH Terms] OR “pregnancy”) OR (“pregnant women”[MeSH Terms] OR (“pregnant” AND “women”) OR “pregnant women”) OR (“child, preschool”[MeSH Terms] OR (“child” AND “preschool”) OR “preschool child” OR (“child” AND “preschool”) OR “child, preschool”) OR (“child”[MeSH Terms] OR “child”) OR “early intervention (education)” OR antenatal OR postnatal) AND ((“oral health”[MeSH Terms] OR (“oral” AND “health”) OR “oral health”) AND “oral health promotion” OR (preventative AND (“dentistry”[MeSH Terms] OR “dentistry”)) OR ((“dental caries”[MeSH Terms] OR (“dental” AND “caries”) OR “dental caries”)) English
Science Direct (pregnancy OR prenatal OR “pregnant women” OR preschool OR child OR “early intervention”) AND (“oral health education” OR “oral health promotion” OR “preventative dentistry” OR “dental caries prevention” OR “oral health intervention”) English
ProQuest (pregnancy OR pregnant women OR prenatal OR antenatal OR postnatal OR early intervention) AND (oral health promotion OR oral health screening OR oral health education OR oral health intervention OR caries prevention OR dental visit OR preventative dentistry OR dental education OR dental caries) English