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Table 1 Overview of risk categories and criteria for risk assessment used in the Västerbotten County, Sweden

From: Costs and health-related quality of life in relation to caries

Risk category Risk group 0
(no/low risk)
Risk group 1
(moderate risk)
Risk group 2
(high risk)
General • No disease or medication affecting teeth or gums
• Good oral hygiene
• Adequate diet and intake frequency
• Disease and/or medication with possible effect on teeth or gums
• Mediocre oral hygiene
• Partly inadequate diet
• Moderate dental anxiety
• Smoker or snuff user
• Disease or medication with significant effect on teeth and gums
• Poor oral hygiene
• Inadequate diet
• Severe dental anxiety
• Heavy smoker (> 20 cigarettes/day)
Caries • No active enamel or dentin caries lesions • 1–2 new caries lesions on caries prone surfaces
• New or moderate progression of enamel lesions
• ≥3 new caries lesions
• Extensive progression of several enamel lesions
• Lesions on non caries-prone surfaces
Periodontal • Periodontal health
• Gingivitis and/or supragingival Calculus
• Bleeding-free gingiva and no pocket exceeding > 5 mm
• Periodontitis experience
• Localized periodontal problems/signs of local bone loss
• Bleeding and pocket depth of 5–6 mm
• Active periodontal disease with clinical radiographic attachment loss
• Subgingival calculus
• Peri-implantitis
Technical • Intact teeth or few restorations
• Single root canal treatment of good quality
• Single crown or short bridge of good quality
• No or minimal abrasion of teeth
• Single large restoration
• Single restoration extending close to the pulp
• > 1 root canal treatment of good quality
• Erupting wisdom tooth in the lower jaw
• Tongue/lip piercing
• Moderate abrasion of teeth/TMD pain
• Crowns and/or bridges on healthy teeth with good occlusion
• Full or partial denture
• Several large restorations
• Several root canal treatments or root canal treatments of inadequate quality
• Wisdom tooth requiring surgery
• Tooth grinding/TMD pain
• Extensive erosion
• Tongue or lip piercing with damaged teeth or mucosa
• Extensive teeth or implant supported constructions