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Table 5 Distribution of participants and restored teeth

From: Influence of different application protocols of universal adhesive system on the clinical behavior of Class I and II restorations of composite resin – a randomized and double-blind controlled clinical trial

GroupsGenderAge (years)ToothArcade distributionType of preparationCavity Depth
A Freq1421278291218862965460114534
R Freq40%60%77%23%19%81%58%42%64%36%40%7%30%23%
  1. Abbreviations: ER- Etch-and-rinse; SEE- Selective Enamel Etch; SE- Self-Etch; A Freq-Absolute frequency; R Freq- relative frequency; M- male; F- female; PM- premolar; M- molar; Jaw- jaw; Mand- mandible; I- Class I; II- Class II; S- shallow; M- medium; D- deep; VD- very deep