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Table 1 A comparison with some cases reported in the literature

From: Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: a case report and the evaluation of diagnostic procedures

Year /country Sex Age Ethnic Symptom Treatment
This case/China F 23 China Fever, Swelling Antibiotics/ inpatient stay
2006/Turkey [9] F 28 Turkey Fever, Swelling, Weight loss Ampicillin and prednisone
2008/UK [10] M 55 N/Sa Fever, Weight loss, Anorexia 2 weeks’ inpatient stay
2013/Bangladesh [11] F 17 N/Sa Fever, Swelling, Weight loss, Anorexia Symptomatic treatment
2017/ Senegal [12] F 33 Senegal Fever, Swelling Corticosteroid therapy
2018/USA [13] F 19 Chinese Fever, Sore Throat, Night Sweats IV. ampicillin/sulbactam
  1. aThe ethnicity is not stated (N/S) explicitly, but can be considered implicitly as the locals