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Table 1 Clinicopathological characteristics of 27 cases of FLH arising in the oral cavity

From: Follicular lymphoid hyperplasia of the posterior maxillary site presenting as uncommon entity: a case report and review of the literature

SymptomsImage findingsTreatmentFollow-up / StatusImmunohistochemical features
Germinal centerMantle zoneParafollicular area
1Harsany et al.
1980 [9]
60FLeft hard
40 × 20Nonpainful growthNo bony involvementExcision/radiotherapy144 monthsNANANA
247MRight hard and soft palateNSNontender swellingNSExcision48 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
372FHard palate/ Buccal space15 × 10/Nontender massNSExcision108 monthsNANANA
  25   NS
470FLeft hard
18Ill-fitting dentureNSRadiotherapy84 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
5Wright and Dunsworth
1983 [10]
72FRight hard
30SwellingNo bone invasion on CT imageExcision24 monthsNANANA
      No recurrence
6Bradley et al.
1987 [11]
76FLeft hard
NSAsymptomNSIncisional biopsy36 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
773FLeft hard
NSAsymptomatic massNSIncisional biopsy96 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
862FLeft hard
35 × 20SwellingNSIncisional biopsy41 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
957FLeft soft palate30SwellingNSExcision36 monthsNANANA
      No recurrence
1041MLeft soft palateNSSwellingNSExcision39 monthsNANANA
      No recurrence
1151FLeft hard
NSSwellingNSExcision24 monthsNANANA
1260FBilateral palateLargeSwellingNSIncisional biopsy120 monthsNANANA
      Disease free
13Davila and Thompson
1988 [12]
49FLeft hard palate30Slightly risingNo bony involvementExcision84 monthsNANANA
      No recurrence
14Napier and Newlands
1990 [13]
38FJunction of
hard and soft palate
10SwellingNSExcisionNSP: CD45R, CD20, CDw75, CD74, HLA-DR, κ and λ light chainsP: CD45RC, CD45R, CD20, HLADRP: CD43, CD45RC, CD45RO
       NAN: CD43, CD45RO, CDw75, κ and λ light chains, AATNA
15 79FJunction of hard and soft palateSeveral tensDiffuse swellingNSExcisionNSP: CD45R, CD20, CDw75, κ and λ light chainsP: CD45RC,CD45R, CD20, HLA-DRP: CD43, CD45RC, CD45RO
       N: CD45RCN: CD43. CD45RO, CDw75, κ and λ light chains, AATNA
16Mopsik et al.
1992 [14]
63MRight hard palate38 × 15SwellingNo bone invasion on CT imageExcisionNSP: κ and λ light chainsNANA
17Menasce et al.
2001 [1]
51MLeft hard palate20SwellingNo bony involvementExcision48 monthsP: κ and λ light chainsP: Bcl2NA
      No recurrenceN: Bcl2NA
1875MMidline hard palate10SwellingNSExcision24 monthsNAP: Bcl2NA
      No recurrenceN: Bcl2NA
1961FMultifocalLargest 20SwellingNSExcision192 monthsP: κ and λ light chainsNANA
       No recurrenceN: Bcl2
20Kolokotronis et al.
2003 [15]
74FRight hard palate25Firm swellingNo bony involvementExcision18 monthsP: CD20P: CD20P: CD45RO
      No recurrenceN: Bcl2N: Bcl2, CD45RONA
22Carnelio and Rodrigues
2005 [4]
36FLeft tongue40 × 30Painless ulcerNSExcision48 monthsNANANA
       No recurrence
21Kojima et al.
2005 [5]
49FRight cheek10 × 10Hard massNSExcision14 monthsP: CD20, CD10, IgD, IgM, CD30P: CD20, IgD, IgMP: CD30, CD57
       No recurrenceN: Bcl2NAN: CD15, EMA
23Jham et al.
2009 [6]
55FLeft hard palate50SwellingNo bony involvementIncisional biopsy3 monthsP: CD20, CD79a,CD10, CD21, Bcl6, CD45P: CD20, CD79a CD45P: CD3, CD5, CD30, CD15, CD45
      Disease free   
        N: Bcl2N: Bcl2NA
24Gordón-Núñez et al.
2012 [7]
70FRight soft palate20Nodular massNo bony involvementExcision8 monthsNAP: Bcl2NA
      No recurrenceN: Bcl2NA
25Anjomsboaa et al.
2013 [16]
46FRight hard palate20 × 15NontenderNo intraosseous radiolucencyIntralesional steroid injection7 monthsP: CD20, CD3, CD5, CD10P: CD20, Bcl2, Bcl6P: CD20, Bcl2, CD3, CD5, Bcl6
   firm mass  No recurrence   
        N: Bcl2N: CD3,CD5NA
26Hanemann et al.
2017 [8]
24MRight maxillaNSSwellingBone invasion on CT imageCurettage36 monthsP: Bcl6, CD20, CD21, CD10, CD79a, Ki67P: CD20P: CD3, CD5, CD20, CD138
       No recurrence   
        N: Bcl2N: Bcl2NA
27Present case51FLeft maxilla38 × 23 × 17Palpation massNo bone invasion on CT imageExcision12 monthsP: Bcl6, CD20, CD21, CD10, CD79a, Ki67P: CD20P: CD3, CD5, CD15, CD30
       No recurrence   
        N: Bcl2N: Bcl2NA
  1. FLH follicular lymphoid hyperplasia, F female, M male, NS not stated, P positive, N negative, NA not applicable, AAT α1-antitrypsin, EMA epithelial membrane antigen