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Table 1 Basic characteristics of the patients

From: Autotransplantation of mature impacted tooth to a fresh molar socket using a 3D replica and guided bone regeneration: two years retrospective case series

No.Age rangesDonor toothRecipient siteReason for extractionExtrao-ral time (min)GBR (autogenous bone)
130–404846Root fracture4.0Y
220–304846Root fractureLess than 1 minN
320–303836Severe cariesLess than 1 minN
420–303816Furcation involvementLess than 1 minY
540–502847Severe caries3.5Y
630–402837Severe caries1.0Y
730–404847Root fracture1.0Y
830–404847Severe caries1.5Y
940–502837Severe caries1.5Y
1010–203837Severe caries1.0Y