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Table 1 Paired t-test for comparing linear measurement values (mm) between the three digital models with values from the digital caliper

From: Reliability and validity of miniscrews as references in cone-beam computed tomography and intraoral scanner digital models: study on goat heads

MeasurementMean biasStandard deviation95% confidence intervaltP
Homolateral side
 CBCT10.310.200.24 to 0.389.111< 0.001
 CBCT20.110.210.02 to 0.212.4500.024
 IOS0.250.200.18 to 0.327.206< 0.001
Contralateral side
 CBCT10.250.280.16 to 0.345.637< 0.001
 CBCT20.190.260.02 to 0.372.4730.033
 IOS0.040.27−0.04 to 0.130.9860.330
Total linear measurements
 CBCT10.270.240.22 to 0.339.739< 0.001
 CBCT20.140.220.06 to 0.223.5050.001
 IOS0.150.260.09 to 0.215.106< 0.001