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Table 4 Paired t-test for values of linear (mm) and angle (°) measurements among the three digital models

From: Reliability and validity of miniscrews as references in cone-beam computed tomography and intraoral scanner digital models: study on goat heads

MeasurementMean biasStandard deviation95% confidence intervaltP
Linear measurements
 CBCT1–CBCT20.200.260.10 to 0.294.231< 0.001
 CBCT1–IOS0.120.240.07 to 0.184.434< 0.001
 0.3-mm voxels–IOS−0.020.32−0.14 to 0.10−0.3630.719
Angle measurements
 CBCT1–CBCT2−0.040.97−0.69 to 0.61−0.1340.896
 CBCT1–IOS−0.292.79−2.17 to 1.58−0.3460.737
 CBCT2–IOS0.491.20−0.37 to 1.351.2880.230