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Table 2 Functional Index for Teeth Prosthodontic (FIT)

From: A pilot trial on lithium disilicate partial crowns using a novel prosthodontic functional index for teeth (FIT)

Scoring Scheme012
Interproximalmajor discrepancyminor discrepancyno discrepancy
Contacts & Papillae(2x incomplete)(1x complete)(2x complete)
Occlusionmajor discrepancyminor discrepancyno discrepancy
Static & Dynamic(supra-contact)(infra-occlusion)
Designmajor discrepancyminor discrepancyno discrepancy
Contour & Color(contour)(color)
Quality & Quantitynon-attachedattachedattached
Boneradiographic bone lossradiographic bone lossradiographic bone loss
X-Ray> 1.5 mm< 1.5 mmnot detectable
BiologyBoP and PI presentBoP presentno clinical impairment
BoP & PI
Marginsdetectable gap and visible staindetectable gap or visible stainno clinical impairment
Gap & Stain
Max Score  14