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Table 1 Basic information of the involved patients

From: Immediate implant placement in anterior teeth with grafting material of autogenous tooth bone vs xenogenic bone

PatientsAutogenous tooth boneXenogenic bone (Bio-Oss)
No.Age RangesTooth extraction siteImplant brand and sizes (mm)Age RangesTooth extraction siteImplant brand and sizes (mm)
160–7012Straumann 3.3*1320–3012BEGO 3.25*13
240–5021BEGO 4.1*1330–4021BEGO 3.25*13
320–3022BEGO 3.25*11.530–4022BEGO 3.25*13
420–3012BEGO 3.25*1320–3012Straumann 3.3*13
530–4021BEGO 3.75*1350–6021BEGO 3.75*13
660–7012Straumann 3.3*1340–5021Straumann 3.3*13
720–3012Straumann 3.3*1350–6022BEGO 3.25*13
810–2013BEGO 4.1*1350–6023BEGO 3.75*13
930–4012BEGO 3.25*11.550–6011Straumann 3.3*13
1040–5021Straumann 3.3*1330–4022Straumann 3.3*13
1140–5021BEGO 3.75*1540–5011BEGO 3.75*13
1230–4013MIS 3.75*1330–4021BEGO 3.25*13
1350–6022BEGO 3.25*1360–7021BEGO 3.75*11.5
1440–5023MIS 3.75*1350–6011BEGO 3.75*13
1520–3021BEGO 3.75*1330–4011BEGO 3.75*13