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Table 2 Reasons for not visiting a dentist in the past 12 months

From: Utilization of dental services and associated factors among preschool children in China

Reasons3 year old(%)4 year old(%)5 year old(%)3–5 year old(%)
No dental diseases76.80%71.00%66.10%71.30%
Dental disease was not severe10.00%12.40%14.80%12.40%
No need to cure primary teeth8.00%8.90%12.90%9.90%
Economic issue1.10%1.10%1.30%1.20%
No time4.90%5.50%5.80%5.40%
Fear of pain3.40%4.10%4.20%3.90%
No dentists nearby1.60%1.90%1.80%1.80%
Fear of infectious diseases0.90%1.50%0.90%1.10%
No reliable dentists2.10%2.50%2.30%2.30%
Difficulty of registration0.50%0.50%0.60%0.50%
Seeing dentists in kindergarten3.00%4.00%4.70%3.90%
Other reasons7.10%7.20%7.00%7.10%