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Table 3 Regression analyses regarding patient-related factors

From: Survival and success of implants in a private periodontal practice: a 10 year retrospective study

a. Regression analysis: implant loss in relation to patient-related factors
 Age (1 year)0.00250.00280.9220.359
 Sex (female)0.04820.05770.8350.406
 Smoking at implant placement− 0.05130.0651− 0.7890.432
 Periodontal diagnosis at baseline0.00770.01830.4180.677
 Counts of implants in each patient0.00210.01790.1180.907
 Implant type0.37550.08794.274< 0.001
 Recurrence of periodontitis at reexamination− 0.06710.1305− 0.5140.609
b. Regression analysis: incidence of moderate/severe peri-implantitis in relation to patient-related factors
  (Intercept)−0.10030.2518− 0.3980.6913
 Age (1 year)0.00150.00380.3950.6939
 Sex (female)−0.04950.0798−0.6210.5363
 Smoking at implant placement0.09320.09051.0290.3061
 Periodontal diagnosis at baseline0.00480.02500.1900.8497
 Counts of implants in each patient0.06730.02462.7340.0075
 Implant type−0.10980.1252−0.8770.3829
 Recurrence of periodontitis at reexamination−0.10870.1777−0.6120.5422
  1. Dependent variable: implant loss after 10 years; n = 100
  2. Dependent variable: moderate/severe peri-implantitis after 10 years; n = 100